Prolonged lack of sleep can have serious consequences, like a deterioration in your declarative memory and cognitive problems. To go to bed with anxiety about the next day, nervousness or when being very active will for sure disrupt the deep sleep. It can also be disturbed by irregular sleeping habits, alcohol, nicotine, or drug use, or too few hours of sleep.

One night or so with bad sleep doesn’t matter, the body will recuperate fast. Many people suffer from long-term sleeping problems related to their life situation which makes it hard to change their sleep for the better. What is good to know is that the body needs about two hours in order to calm down after a day’s event, both physically and mentally. It can be easier to fall asleep if you exercise not later than two hours before bedtime.  Alcohol should be avoided since it makes it easier to fall asleep but you will instead wake up earlier. Coffee and tea will affect your body for hours. Let your bedroom be cool, dark and quiet when it is time to go to bed.

If you have sleeping problems or have questions about sleep don’t hesitate to contact the student health care centre.