Smoking and Swedish snus

Yes you can! It is possible to stop smoking! What is needed is motivation to stop and the means to get advice or support when needed. What are your reasons for quitting? Is it to feel well, get fit, to save money or some other reason? What are the benefits for you to stop smoking or using snus?

When you have decided to quit, make a decision on which day to stop smoking or using snus and then don’t have a single cigarette or snus after that day.  Wait for the craving to pass, it usually disappears after a few minutes. A glass of water can be helpful. Find an alternative to smoking and using snus. Reward yourself when successful and use nicotine products from the Pharmacy when needed. Abstinence might for some people feel tiresome but will decrease after 3-4 weeks and the benefits will become clearer. A nicotine gum or patch can be helpful during abstinence.

There is help if you need it. You are always welcome to the nurse at the Student Health Care to get personal guidance on getting through the difficulties. You can also contact a Primary health care centre or a dentist to get support.