About the Swedish School of Textiles

From A to Z

Our knowledge of the entire textile value chain is both broad and deep. Our research deals with everything from fibres and recycling to design and textile management. In fact, our comprehensiveness means the Swedish School of Textiles is at the forefront internationally. Our ability to offer cutting-edge educational programmes in design, management, and technology in a technically advanced and interdisciplinary environment is unique.

Heritage and environment

Borås, Sweden has a long textile tradition. We live and breathe textile knowledge and textile history. The Swedish School of Textiles shares this longstanding textile heritage. Our environments radiate an authenticity felt in the soul.  The sustainable textiles – and hopefully lifestyle – of the future take shape here. In addition, our connections to business and industry are a tangible benefit to all involved. Students have the opportunity to establish partnerships with business, industry, and academia – even before they graduate.

International reputation

The Swedish School of Textiles is quite well known, both nationally and internationally. And the world keeps its eyes on us. World-leading companies and well-known brands come here to learn from us – and we from them. This is something of which we are especially proud. The brand of the Swedish School of Textiles has a strong appeal. This gives us many advantages, such as recognition and credibility, to name a few. We are many students’ first choice. 

The textile family

When you study at the Swedish School of Textiles, you are part of a proud and exclusive group. The same family includes those who teach, work, or research at the Swedish School of Textiles. One way we come together is through our valuable alumni network. Students, the school, business, industry, and professionals can all share their knowledge. The power of being able to turn to one another is significant. Just as one does in a family.

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