Exhibition Exit 2024

Location: Textilmuseet, Textile Fashion Center, Borås
Date and time: Opening 31 May 2024 at 11:00

The exhibition is open 31 May—17 August 2024.

About the exhibition

"Presenting the work of graduating textile design students, Exit 2024 brings together visionary perspectives on the role of textile design in shaping our responsible relations with the surrounding environment. 

The richness of the works unfolds around a variety of themes.  Design examples display the agency of nature in the design process, introduce the narratives of re-design, or illustrate how the intervention of handcraft skills of the designer can challenge industrial processes.  Alongside the diverse exploration of unconventional textile materials and techniques dare to express bold relations in products and spaces that stimulate our imagination of considerate living for humans and nature. 

In Exit 24, the territories of artistic methodology and design thoughtfulness are ambitiously stretched to demonstrate how textile materiality can challenge our imagination of a responsible future."

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If you have any questions contact Marjan Kooroshnia