Fashion Show: Exit 2024

Location: Borås Kongress, Akademiplatsen 2, Expohallen
Date: 31 May
Time: 13:30, 16:00

Ticket reservation for show 1, 13:30 (external website)SOLD OUT
Ticket reservation for show 2, 16:00 (external website)SOLD OUT

About the fashion show

"The class of 2024 represents a changeover. From the old to the new, from nostalgia to futurism. Presenting an eclectic mix of those who explore aesthetics through simplicity, surrealism, transformation, reconfiguration and the relationship between human and more-than-human worlds alongside those who experiment with desire, raw materiality, craftsmanship and the very process of making. This new generation coming to the fore embodies a collective concern for broader societal and environmental issues, disrupting the reality of fashion with a longing for change. The changeover is here."


If you have any questions contact Kelly Konings