Application for the management Master's programmes – additional information

Information about the admission process

The Swedish School of Textiles has a long tradition of bringing talented individuals from all corners of the world together to actively engage in forming a better future. We firmly believe that sustainability is an integrated challenge that requires a broad set of competencies and strong collaboration between design, engineering, and management, academically and professionally. Within the Master’s programmes in Textile Management, we aim to create an environment that nourishes and supports the development of competencies for addressing this challenge.

In order to create this environment, we have designed an admissions process where we not only evaluate formal academic merits, but also individuals’ potential. For this reason, applicants are requested to provide additional information along with their formal application. This information will be used to understand how individuals may complement each other and ensure a good mix of students (in terms of educational backgrounds, personalities, and life experiences) is included in the class as a whole, to facilitate successful team-based collaboration.

Step 1 (the formal application) and step 2 (reflections and résumé) of the selection process share the same deadline, whereas step 3 (interviews) will take place for those who have passed the first two rounds of the application process (steps 1 and 2).

Read the instructions carefully

BEFORE YOU ENTER INFORMATION IN THE FORM, read through the instructions carefully. Once you have submitted your answers, you will not be able to add information. If you upload two forms, only the first one will be sent out to the admissions committee.

Please note:

• You need to devote time and effort to preparing your reflections, ensuring that you provide significant and relevant information while also being coherent and to the point. The submitted reflections should be written in English.

• Make sure your text is clear and easy to understand. Proofread it for any spelling and grammatical errors or other mistakes. When assessing the applications, applicants are anonymous for the reviewer, so please don’t include information that can reveal your identity in question number 3 (Purpose Reflection), and question number 4 (Vision Reflection), such as name, age, and gender.

• Make sure that your reflections are unique and not a copy of current or previous reflections sent to the programme. The reflections will be checked for plagiarism.

For updated deadlines, please consult the university admissions webpage.

The form contains the following parts

1. General information

  • Application number from Please make sure that you state the correct application number that you find on your personal page at and/or
  • Email
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Passport number

2. Select the programme that you have applied for

Textile Management (60), Fashion Marketing and Management (120), Textile Value Chain Management (120)

3. Purpose Reflection (max 500 words)

Please describe your motivation for applying for this educational programme as well as motivating why you are a good candidate for the programme (what specific contribution will you bring to the programme, your peers, and the environment). Include a discussion of how you see yourself and significant events or experiences, in particular team experiences, which have shaped your perspectives that are potentially relevant to the educational programme.

4. Vision Reflection (max 500 words)

Please present your future vision: how you intend to use the knowledge gained from the educational programme and how you can make an impact (to others, to society). Include a discussion of your thoughts on sustainability in the industry of textile and fashion. You could also include a discussion of key individuals who inspire you, how you aim to emulate them, and what kind of person you want to become.

5. Résumé

The résumé information will only be used as a foundation for the interview in step 3 if you are invited to participate. If one of the questions does not apply to you, leave it empty; it will not affect your opportunity to be invited to an interview. Within each category, you can only name the three most important experiences or activities, so choose the ones that best represent you.

  • work experiences (incl. dates of beginning and end)
  • leadership experiences
  • extracurricular activities
  • international experiences
  • software/computer skills
  • relevant educational experiences (for example, courses that you find most relevant, a thesis, or courses outside the programme)
  • other experiences or knowledge that you feel should be considered

Reflection and résumé

BEFORE YOU ENTER INFORMATION IN THE FORM – read through the instructions above carefully.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

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