International student

We offer educational programmes and courses at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral levels. Three of our Bachelor's programmes and all our Master’s programmes are given in English. 

Why a Bachelor's programme?

Our Bachelor's programmes in Fashion Design, Textile Design, and Textile Production and Innovation are given in English and offer you the opportunity to gain broad-ranging knowledge and skills. You can then choose to begin working in these fields or further specialise in one of our Master's programmes. Students from all over the world come to study in our Bachelor's programmes, meaning you will have a truly international educational experience. Our world-famous labs and experienced teachers will give you an excellent start to your higher education studies.

Why a Master's programme?

A Master's programme gives you the opportunity to broaden your current level of education or to specialise in a field that is of particular interest to you. A one or two-year Master's programme will not only expand your knowledge of the field, it will also help advance your career or field of research. Once you have your degree, you decide where your Master's degree will take you. Master's programmes at the Swedish School of Textiles are taught in English and you will be studying with students from around the globe. This is a perfect opportunity to create a global network of contacts and to boost your future career.

Exchange student

We have exchange agreements with universities all over the world and welcome students from partner universities every semester to study textiles and fashion with us. 

You can find more information about the courses that we offer to exchange students, and how to apply on our website for exchange students.