Premises and conduct policy

Conduct policy for the University Library

The library is a place of work for many persons. Together we can create a good working environment by following the code of conduct described below.

  • Adjust the sound level. Please speak in a normal tone of voice, set your mobile phone on silent mode and avoid making telephone calls when you are close to the Information Point and work stations.
  • If you are participating in digital teaching or similar (eg through Zoom), you must use headphones.
  • Total silence is to be kept in the Quiet Study Room. Rustle with candy wrappers or listening to music with ear phones might be regarded as disturbing.
  • You may bring beverages in capped bottles or in cups with a top cover when you are studying in the library. Sandwiches, sweets and fruit are also allowed. Please make sure you dispose of litter in the wastepaper basket and leave the premises the way you wish to find them.
  • Please use the facilities, equipment and material in the library with care. Leave pieces of furniture in the place where you found them.
  • Computers are only to be used according to the ethical rules of SUNET ( must have a user-ID to be able to use the computers in the library. The university provides you with a user-ID. Students from other universities may obtain a temporary user-ID by contacting the library staff.

The premises

Group study rooms

There are a total of 9 group study rooms – all bookable in advance. To book one of them, use our booking system.

Booking rules:

  • The rooms can be booked seven days in advance.
  • The rooms can only be booked for four hours at a time.
  • If a booked room has not been claimed within 15 minutes of the start of the booking, the room can be booked by another user.

Work places

The library has over 800 seats. There are private reading seats and group study seats spread over all floors. The quiet reading room with 63 seats is situated on floor 2.

Quiet Study room

In our Quiet Study room can you, who likes to study in a calm and quiet environment, sit down and read or use your laptop. There are 32 seats whereof 2 comfortable armchairs.

Total silence is to be kept in the Quiet Study Room. Rustle with candy wrappers or listening to music with ear phones might be regarded as disturbing.

Storage lockers

On floor 1 there are storage lockers. If you want to use one of our lockers you will have to borrow a key from the information point on floor 2. Lost keys are compensated according to our price list.

Rental of premises

If you wish to rent the rooms at the library, please contact Tove Lekselius.

Type of Rooms:

  • Computer lab: J438, J441
  • Meeting room: J421
  • Conference room: J2519
Prices and Equipment
Room Seats Equipment Internal HB Author./assoc. Others
J421 10 PC/projector 160 SEK/h 200 SEK/h 400 SEK/h
J2519 22 OH/PC/projector 230 SEK/h 290 SEK/h 575 SEK/h
J438 48 24 PC/projector 570 SEK/h 715 SEK/h 1 425 SEK/h
Group Study Room 4-8 With and without PC 95 SEK/h 120 SEK/h 240 SEK/h

For external bookings the prices are without VAT.