Interlibrary loans

Make an interlibrary loan request

Use the link below to open the form, and select article or book requests. For books you can select to request only a chapter if needed, which will often be delivered much faster. Please submit as much information as possible about the desired material. We do not make interlibrary loans for material we already own.


Conditions for interlibrary loans

What Can Be Borrowed?

Literature within University of Borås subject areas that is not available in our Library can be requested as interlibrary loans, i.e. loans or copies of articles from other libraries.

  • We do not make interlibrary loans for books owned by the library, even if there is a queue. Please request such books in Primo instead.
  • Normally we do not send off orders for literature which is published current or previous years. Our policy is instead to buy this literature to extend our own collection. Submit a purchase request.
  • Literature listed in our own catalogue or held by the public library in Borås may not be borrowed via interlibrary loan. We do not borrow obligatory course literature from other libraries.
  • We do not borrow printed copy of E-books that we already have. External students must come here and log in to our computers to access our electronic materials. 

Who can borrow?

This service is mainly for students, researchers and employees at the University of Borås, but if you are a student from another university you can also use our service. But then we only order books within Sweden. If you wish to order literature via interlibrary loan you must register at the library.

How and when do I get the material?

Times for delivery of interlibrary loans can vary a lot. Therefore we recommended that you plan your orders well in advance.

  • Copies of journal articles are normally delivered within 24 hours. If the order goes through our regular supplier, the article will be sent to your email. If the order requires manual work by staff, we will contact you before the order proceeds as a cost of 40 kr may apply.
  • Books may take from a week up to several months before they arrive (as there may be a queue at the supplying library). We will notify you by e-mail when the book has arrived. Please borrow and return interlibrary loans at the information point. It is also possible to return interlibrary loans in the returning machine outside the library. 

How do I renew and where can I get information?

You can keep your loan until you get a recall from the library. It is important that your address in the library register is correct.

Lost and damaged material

The fee for lost or destroyed interlibrary loans is a pre-determined amount.

For other libraries

For other libraries, a 21-day loan period is provided with automatic loans up to 12 months. Log in to the library account via Primo, but a loan cannot be renewed because they are done automatically. Information on loan periods, the library's address information, costs and references through invoicing is available in Libris library databases for Hib. Interlibrary loans to libraries outside the Nordic countries costs two Ifla-vouchers. See also our price list.

Contact regarding interlibrary loans

Tandis Talay
E-mail interlibrary loans: