Print and copy

The library's premises contain eight multifunction printers that can be used for printing, copying and scanning. Below you will find links to instructions on how to print and how to fill your print and copy account at the university.

The university's printers are connected to a system called Print and Collect. This means that when you print a document it is sent to a server that is connected to all multifunction printers at the university, and you can therefore choose which machine you want to retrieve your print from. When you retrieve your printout, you must either use your chip or log in with your S-number and password.

The default settings are print outs in black and white printed on both sides in A4 format. It's possible to print in A3 format on the printer on floor 3. 

Recharge your account


Pricelist for printing and copying for students

  • 1 black and white A4 page: 0.50 print credit
  • 1 color A4 page: 2 print credits
  • 1 black and white A3 page: 1 print credit
  • 1 color A3 page: 4 print credits

The price for two print credits is 1 SEK. You buy your print credits through the PaperCut system.

Printing and copying for external users

The library offers the possibility to copy, print and scan even for those who are not a student or employee of the university. For printing, however, there are some limitations in which file formats can be printed. For more information, contact the Information Point in the library.

Prices for printing and copying for external users

  • 1 black and white A4 page: 1 SEK
  • 1 color A4 page: 4 SEK
  • 1 black and white A3 page: 2 SEK
  • 1 color A3 page: 6 SEK