Search for e-books

As with all material available in the University Library collection, you can also search for e-books in the Primo search service. In Primo you can limit your search to "Books" or "Book chapter" and "Full Text" to focus the search on e-books. You can also search e-books through the suppliers platforms.

Examples of e-books suppliers

Read e-books on your computer

Most of the Library's e-books can be read online or downloaded to your computer. An example of a software that is often needed to download and read an e-book is Adobe Digital Editions. In some cases, you need to get an Adobe ID to download and read an e-book.

If you are on campus and using any of the desktop computers, all software is installed. You can find the softwares in the Main menu. If you use Adobe Digital Editons, you need to enter your Adobe ID.

Read e-books on mobile phones and tablets

It is possible to read most e-books on mobiles and tablets. Apps for it are available free of charge through the App Store and Google Play. Recommended apps are Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire Reader. These apps need to be authorized with your Adobe ID.

Questions about e-books

If you have any questions about e-books, please contact the Library for support.

E-mail: biblioteket@hb.se