How to find a book in the University Library

When you have done your search for the book, you will get a list of results with all the documents that match your search criteria. Choose the book you want by clicking it. A new window will open, containing more information about the book:

In the picture above you will get information about where to find the book; floor, shelf number and where it's placed on that shelf. In this case it's floor 3, shelf number 539 and the book is placed at Bengtsson. Here's also information about if the book is available in the University Library or if it's on loan.

When you arrive to the right floor, search for the right shelf by looking at the signs at the start/end of each shelf.

When you have located the right shelf, find the right section of the shelf. The sections are arranged in numerical order:

Once you found the right section it's time to look for the actual book. The books are placed alphabetically according to the spine labels:

You should now have the book in your hand, if not and you want some help finding it - please ask a librarian for help. You can always find a librarian willing to help you at the information point by the entrance to the library.