Printed books

The books in the library's collections have different loan conditions depending on what type of book it is.

Course literature

Course literature are the books that are listed as compulsory literature in the literature lists of the university's various educations / courses. All course literature should be available either in printed or electronic format.

Borrowing terms for course literature can be found here.

Other books

In the library's collections there are also books that are not compulsory course literature at the university. Among these there are both books that can be borrowed outside the library and those that can only be read in the library (reference books).

Borrowing terms for other books can be found here.

Borrowing and returning books

If you want to borrow a book and bring it outside the library, you do so by using the machine that are located just inside the entrance to the library.

When it is time to return the book again, you do so in the return device that is located outside the library, to the right of the entrance. If you are not able to get to the library to return your borrowed books, you can always send them by mail, address information can be found here.