Allocation of Responsibilities in DiVA

The library imports publications from Scopus and Web of Science

The library continuously imports new publications with a University of Borås affiliation from the databases Scopus and Web of Science to DiVA. As an author you don’t have to register those publications at all. When the library has imported a publication, you’ve authored you will be notified, and given the opportunity to complete the post with research group, research topic and a manuscript of the publication to be made available with open access. 

Manually register publications

You must register publications or other outputs that aren’t in Scopus or Web of Science yourself.

Check your publication list

In December each year the library sends a reminder that it’s time to check that  all your publications from the calendar year have been registered in DiVA. If any publications or other works are missing, you have about a month to register these before the yearly statistics export The exported statistics are used as part of the distribution of funds between the faculties (see dnr 461-20).


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Distribution of responsibilities in DiVA

What should be registered in DiVA?

Who can register publications in DiVA?

Bibliographic control and metadata quality assurance

Communication around the registration of publications in DiVA