ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a standard number for books. The library will assist employees at the University of Borås when getting an ISBN for doctoral theses, books, reports and other material. Everything published by the university must have an ISBN, digital publications included.

Read more about ISBN numbers at the web site for the National Library of Sweden: Swedish ISBN Agency

Writing series

There are two general writing series for employees to use for publications that are not to be published in a specific institution series. 

Skrifter från Högskolan i Borås, ISSN 0280-381X

In this series you can publish doctoral and licentiate theses and scientific reports. All doctoral and licentiate theses (except SSLIS) must be published in this series.

Rapporter och publikationer från Högskolan i Borås, ISSN 1400-0253

In this series you can publish other publications; travel reports etc.

Contact Katarina Engvall, at the Library, to get an ISBN and to get numbers from these series.