Source evaluation of scientific sources

When studying at a university, you are often required to use scientific sources in your assignments. So what is a scientific source? In brief, they are characterized by the following:

Who – The author or authors of the information are researchers or PhD students.

Where – The information is published in a scientific source. It can be a scientific article, doctoral or licentiate thesis, a research report or a conference publication.

Purpose – The reason for publishing the information is to disseminate new knowledge from a research study or similar.

Peer-reviewed – Scientific information can either be peer reviewed or unreviewed. It is important to know whether the information you have found has been peer reviewed or not. Sometimes you will be instructed to only use peer reviewed information in your assignments.

When you want to evaluate a scientific source to find out if it is useful for you, here are some questions to ask:

How reliable is the research?

How current is the research?

How relevant is the research to you?

Has the research been used by other researchers?