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At the University of Borås, you can choose among Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes relevant to your future career. We offer unique programmes in many subject areas, several of which can only be found here and which attract students from all over the world.

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One of the prerequisites for developing a social and sustainable society is high quality education, from pre-school and primary school to vocational training and higher education.
Educational Work deals with issues of relevance to society in general and education in particular. This area covers pedagogical, general didactic, and subject-based teaching and learning issues. The purpose is to contribute knowledge that better allows us to understand the obstacles that may hinder us from taking advantage of the full potential of education, as well as knowledge in how such obstacles may be overcome and how to develop alternative possibilities.

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Fungi – A sustainable and tasty alternative

They are sustainable and healthy – filamentous edible fungi that are fed with, for example, oats. The latest addition to the world-leading research at the Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery is Neda Rousta's doctoral thesis on filamentous fungi with the potential to transform our food systems.

How a researcher develops: focus on the supervisor's role in educational journal

Leading today’s doctoral students down the path to being tomorrow’s researchers is an important task for Sweden’s higher education institutions. In the latest issue of the Journal of Praxis in Higher Education, several researchers in Educational Work contribute with new knowledge about the challenges and many factors that supervisors face.

The UN calls for Swedish expertise regarding international textile trade and production

When countries neighboring the EU prepare to become trading partners, the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, is a support in the process. Rudrajeet Pal, Professor of Textile Management, has been appointed as an expert in two international projects on textile trade and production.

Alice Bah Kuhnke praised the university's textile excellence

Alice Bah Kuhnke recently visited the Swedish School of Textiles and Science Park Borås to discuss the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry.

The university's doctoral students are increasingly satisfied

Now the results of this year's survey of the university’s doctoral students, the Doctoral Student Barometer, have been compiled. It shows an increase in the level of satisfaction.

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