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Sustainability is a natural part of everything we do at the university. Together, we can contribute to the development of society through both education and research.

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Textiles and Fashion

The area focuses on the subjects of design, textile technology and engineering, and textile management. We conduct research on customised clothing production, circular fashion, the relationship between the body, materials, and movement, as well as dyeing textiles without water, as examples. The researchers at the Swedish School of Textiles address many exciting societal challenges.

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Priority research areas

Project for more female managers in the textile industry

A new project at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, aims to educate women and increase the number of women in leadership positions within the textile industry. With more women in leading roles, the conditions for making more sustainable decisions within textile companies, also will improve.

Bread waste + fungi = yarn

The production of new materials from fungi is an emerging research area. In a research project at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås, wet spinning of fungal cell wall material has shown promising results. In the project, fungi were grown on bread waste to produce textile fibers with potential in the medical technology field.

International collaboration a boon for Techarena Borås

The Borås region will have even more and better opportunities for companies, researchers, and students to collaborate. Last week, Techarena Borås was visited by colleagues at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to share experiences and develop their work with innovation sprints.

Exit 2024: The fashion show in pictures

The music is pulsing in the Borås Congress Centre. It's packed. The audience sits opposite each other in a square so that an aisle is formed between them. The models will soon come out dressed in the graduating students' graduation collections – and no two collections are alike.

New doctoral thesis contributes knowledge about circular business models

Circular business models are often promoted as the solution to an unsustainable fashion industry. An important nut to crack is how these models can be scaled up – something that requires courage. Emelie Hultberg's doctoral thesis provides clarity on a complex issue.

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