Your guide to the University of Borås

For example, Student Health Care offers help from social counsellors and a nurse. Study and Career Counsellors can give you advice on different courses. Career Services can help you with information about the employment market.

University Library

Our library is one of Sweden’s best and here there are plenty of nice places to study. At the library, you can loan course literature and other books and get help with citations.

You can also receive support when it comes to searching for information and in developing your academic writing.

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Canvas is the web-based learning platform that is being used at the university. The learning platform is your digital classroom where you keep in contact with your teacher. Canvas has replaced the previous learning platform PING PONG.

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Student Reception 

Student Reception is intended to work as a gateway for you as a student. Student Reception enables you to get in touch with the people you are looking for and to get your questions answered more easily.

Student Reception can, for example, help you with questions regarding exams, access cards, and study transcripts and grades.

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IT Office

Our IT Office service desk can help you with various questions. You can head to the Service Desk if you have problems with the university’s computers, soft-ware, or network or with your user account.

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At Reception, you are more than welcome to ask all kinds of questions. Reception can, for example, help you find your way around campus. If they can’t answer a question, they will refer you to the right person.

At Reception, you can also purchase water bottles, mugs, and much more. The university’s students have designed some of the products.

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If you are studying at the university and have a disability, you may apply for targeted study support. You can receive help with, for example, note taking, educational interpreting, extended time at examinations, and mentor support.

Get in touch well in advance to make a plan for your studies.

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Study and Career Counselling

Study and Career Counselling is a service provided by the University of Borås to help you on your future path. Counselling encourages you to become more confident when it comes to decision-making around your study and career choices as you will learn more about the options available to you.

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Student Health Care 

As a student at the University of Borås, you have access to the university’s Student Health Care. At Student Health Care, there is a nurse and social counsellors who can help you. There is also a Student Pastor at the university whom you can turn to for support. Student Health Care conducts preventative health care and individual contact. We also offer support through talk as well as some treatments.

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International Office

As a student at the University of Borås, you have many possibilities to spend a term abroad. You can study at one of our partner universities or conduct field studies/internships abroad.

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Student life

Borås is a city in south-western Sweden located approximately 60 kilometres east of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city.

The campus has modern, purpose-built buildings in the city centre within walking distance of local amenities such as shops, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, as well as the main bus and train stations. Public transportation in Borås is both safe and reliable; as a result, many of our students choose to live in the surrounding region and commute to the university.

During your studies, the Student Union is also available for you. The Student Union in Borås is a student-run organisation that offers advice, activities, and other services for students.

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The Student Union

During your studies, the Student Union is also available for you. The student union works with ensuring your interests as a student. We actively work with ensuring the quality of your education and your student time at campus.

We do this through having student representatives in the university’s different councils and committees. Ensuring the quality of your education is one of our core functions as a student union. The student union also arranges events every year so that you as a student will have a fun and rewarding study time in addition to your studies.

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Tips for you who are a new student

Borå can give you lots of tips that pertain to life as student in Borås. It can be about events, discounts, important information, and much more.