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The University of Borås has seven centres that are strategically important for collaboration with society at large. A centre is largely externally financed and has a clear purpose.

A centre is a more or less formal organisation of various actors from various organisations, working in relatively limited field. A centre is often set up to strengthen the development in an area of mutual interest to the parties.

Centre for Working Life and Science

The Centre for Working Life and Science is a member-financed centre for collaboration between research and work environments related to management, steering, and organisation in a broad sense. The purpose is to together develop knowledge for practical use and theoretical generalisability. The goal is to contribute to long-term economically successful organisation through socially sustainable workplaces.

Centre for Working Life and Science

Centre for Digitalisation

Information will be published shortly.

Centre for Sustainable Society Development

The Centre for Sustainable Society Development is a multidisciplinary research and collaboration platform where the university meets with actors from business, culture, and the community.

The centre’s primary role is to initiate, support, develop, and coordinate activities that are related to sustainable society-building.

Centre for Sustainable Society Development

Centre for Cultural Policy Research

The Centre for Cultural Policy Research strives to deepen knowledge about the role of cultural policy in society through research. The primary objective with the research is the study and analysis of the relationships between public authorities and other actors to culture and cultural life.

Centre for Cultural Policy Research 

Centre for Welfare Studies

The Centre for Welfare Studies at the University of Borås is focussed on the possibilities and challenges that the modern welfare society faces.

A long-term goal is to contribute to sustainable welfare services. CVS intends to contribute to regional growth through creating knowledge in the welfare sector, developing sustainable and well-functioning welfare models, and informing organisation and leadership.

Centre for Welfare Studies

PreHospen--Centre for Prehospital Research

Research is conducted in national and international collaboration at PreHospen. The integration of both research and clinical practice makes PreHospen a unique asset for researchers and doctoral students as well as professionals.


SIIR--Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing

The research and development programme SIIR at the University of Borås offers research resources and a research environment to the retailing field, retail industry, and society as a whole in order to contribute to innovative and sustainable retailing.