Centre for Digitalisation

We want to be the obvious partner for both employees at the University of Borås as well as for communities in the region and those companies that want to gain more knowledge about research, education, and innovation work in digitalisation.

Centre for Digitalisation

The Centre for Digitalisation is an interdisciplinary collaboration platform that has the role of promoting research and education in the field of digitalisation and the university's core areas. The centre is characterised by broad competencies in digitalisation, participation, and innovation capacity. We develop and provide knowledge for students, research groups, individual researchers, and, not least, those active in business and public settings.

The centre develops R&D projects and training programmes; it also contributes to the creation of new research projects, educational programmes, and courses. These, in turn, contribute to the creation of innovative methods, models, and artefacts.

The Centre for Digitalisation also works to collect, create, and communicate new knowledge to researchers, students, and actors in the business and public sector. 

Our services

The Centre for Digitisation has a large network of contacts in both the private and public sectors. 

  • We offer researchers at the University of Borås support when collaborating in research projects/funding applications related to digitalisation. 
  • We offer the opportunity for students and entrepreneurs to come into contact with each other in order to write papers or complete degree projects. 
  • We offer expertise in digitalisation; for example, in order to strengthen research applications. 
  • We contribute to the development of courses related to digitalisation. 

We collaborate with the association itSMF. Researchers who need partners in new research projects have the opportunity to send out requests for project participation through the extensive network of itSMF. Please feel free to Hannes Göbel for more information. 

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