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Industrial Graduate School in Digital Retailing (INSiDR)

The main purpose of INSiDR is to provide Swedish companies in the retail industry with knowledge and competences that will enhance their competitiveness in a market where digitalization has a profound impact. The Industrial Graduate School in Digital Retailing is a collaboration between the University of Borås and Jönköping University, with foundations from the KK-foundation, and has focus on digital retailing.

Digital retailing

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FO 2018/9

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The graduate school will address research questions originating in business challenges that arise from the digital transformation of retail. Digitalization affects all aspects of retail, requiring retailers to adapt their services and business models according to changes in society, and consequently in consumer behaviour and expectations.

Increasingly, the retail industry needs to understand and predict consumer behaviour to be able to design and sustain successful business solutions. Digital retail often involves process innovation, or re-engineering of business principles and market logics, with technological development driving invention and enabling new business models. Data are ubiquitous in the digitalization process, both as a result of digital exchanges, and as a catalyst for novel solutions. The large amount of data now available, both in business and in society in general, enables organizations to use data analytics, to support decision-making at all levels, but this requires both technical and organizational knowledge.

At both universities, the project originates in research and teaching co-operations across business administration and informatics, with a common focus on digital retail, and the academic environment supporting the graduate school spans across large parts of UB and JU. The doctoral candidates graduating from the school will provide the industry with important and unique competences, based on the school’s multidisciplinary environment and focus, where thesis projects will be grounded in ongoing research in digital retail, employing perspectives from business administration and IT research. 

Companies involved in the projects are: Ellos Group, Eton, Frankenius Equity, Odyssey, Hall Media, Kvdbil, Pulsen, Smartster, Sparbanken Sjuhärad and Viskan System AB. Project time is March 2018 - February 2024 or 2026 if a second application period will be done in 2020.