Industrial Graduate School in Digital Retailing (INSiDR)

Industrial Graduate School in Digital Retailing (INSiDR)

The graduate students at INSiDR (Industrial Graduate School in Digital Retailing) address research issues associated with the business challenges posed by the digital transformation of the retail industry. For example, all companies within retail need to become better at understanding and predicting consumer behaviour in order to design and further develop successful business solutions.

The University of Borås, Jönköping University and the University of Skövde all have a history of conducting research and education with close collaboration between business administration, as well as informatics / computer science. All three universities have strengths contributing to different aspects of digital retail. The doctoral dissertation projects are based both on the research conducted at the university institutions and on the specific issues identified by the project's business partners.

The first batch of doctoral students began their research studies in the fall of 2018. The starting point is that the doctoral students are employed by the companies that are part of the project and that they devote 80 percent to their research studies. The remaining 20 percent consists of work at the companies.

The INSiDR project is financed with SEK 21.6 million from the Knowledge Foundation, as well as a corresponding amount from the respective participating companies. The project runs from 1 April 2018, to 31 March 2024 and may be extended, if a second round of admissions is applied for and funded.

Ellos Group is one of the companies that has an active doctoral project within INSiDR. Other companies and organisations that are or have been involved in INSiDR are Gina Tricot (Frankenius Equity), Eton Retail, Odyssey, Hall Media, Pulsen Retail, Viskan System AB, Svensk Digital Handel, E-Handelsstaden, and the Trade Council (Handelsrådet).

The main applicant for the project is Jönköping University, though the project owner is the University of Borås and the research school is run and administered mainly from Borås, with scientific management from all universities.

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