The university as a government authority

The University of Borås provides:

  • courses and study programmes founded on scientific or artistic grounds and
  • support services for researchers and research groups working at the university

The university is run by a governing board. The head of the authority is the vice-chancellor who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the university.

A government authority’s tasks are determined by appropriation directions issued by the Swedish Government. These directions also specify the amount of funding that the university has at its disposal. In order to evaluate the funds that the university receives from the government to conduct its operations, each year the university has to send an annual report to the government containing information about costs, income, and results.

Other important documents for the university include the budget proposal, in which the university proposes the amount of funding it needs to run its operations, and the procedural rules, which at the university are known as Board’s Organisational and Procedural Rules. Among other things, these rules define the university’s organisation and how and by whom decisions should be taken.

There are also the Vice-Chancellor’s Organisational and Procedural Rules which describe in greater detail the Vice-Chancellor’s organisation and decision-making procedures.

In addition to these documents, there are a number of additional policies and plans, that are designed to act as guidelines to be followed by the university at all times. The university’s overarching strategic policy document is the university’s goals and visions, which constitute the foundation for the university’s operations.