Academic Ceremony 2022

Students from the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg performed music and after the ceremony, everyone gathered to mingle and enjoy refreshments.  A banquet was also held for ceremony participants and invited guests.

Photos from the Academic Ceremony 2022

Photo: Mattias Björlevik

New academic gowns with sustainable design

For this year's ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor requested a new design for the gowns worn at the ceremony by the committee Chair, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, and the promotor, who award the doctoral degrees.

The coats are designed by Majli af Ekenstam, who received her Master's degree in Textile Design in 2021. Today, she works as a designer and teaches design at the Swedish School of Textiles. She has designed a gown that can be more easily worn by those of different heights. The design includes elements from both classic suit jackets and kimonos. The dark blue, light wool fabric comes from Rekotex and is leftover stock from the production of other garments.

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