Professorial inauguration 2022

Professorial inaugurations have been held in Sweden since the 17th century. At the University of Borås the first professorial inauguration took place in 2000.

All new professors give an inauguration lecture, open to the public.

Christer Axelsson

Professor of Caring Science


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Marita Flisbäck

Professor of Sociology

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Christian Fuentes

Professor of Business Administration

Read the article "Professor wants to understand the impact of digitalisation"

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Jutta Haider

Professor of Library and Information Science

Read the article "New professor with focus on digital cultures"

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Magnus Hagiwara

Professor of Prehospital Emergency Care

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Carina Hermansson

Professor of Language Teaching and Learning

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Anders Jonsson 

Professor of Prehospital Emergency Care


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Gustaf Juell-Skielse

Professor of Informatics

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Rudrajeet Pal

Professor of Textile Management

Read the article "New professor works for sustainability and circularity in textile value chains"

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Ola Pilerot

Professor of Library and Information Science

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Catarina Player-Koro

Professor of Pedagogical Work

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Nicklas Salomonson

Professor in Business Administration

Read the article "With focus on customers and personnel in an increasingly digital society"

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Anita Norlund

Professor of Pedagogical Work

Read the article "New professor is sceptical of neuromyths"

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Annelie Sundler

Professor of Caring Science 

Read the article: New professor researches for everyone's right to health

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Jens Wittsten

Professor of Mathematics

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