Attractive and complete – the university has new goals

The university's vision statement is: “Together, we take responsibility for the future. Through continually developing distinctive education and research, we make a difference.”

Together with the two new goals, the university is now settings it sights on its future development.

“It is gratifying that we can now present the goals and strategies that will guide the university over the coming years,” said Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten.

“With the first goal, ‘The attractive university,’ we have emphasised academic freedom at the same time as we show the responsibility we take for the future. This is a fundamentally important goal for us at the university and it will be very exciting to see how we as an organisation can work strategically so that we take important steps towards fulfilling it.”

“The second goal, ‘Complete academic environments 2.0,’ is an important concept that we want to continue to adhere closely to, but at the same time we want there to be renewal within the goals themselves, hence 2.0. Most of our staff recognise the concept from previous goals and strategy documents, but now we want to take further steps in that direction. This goal also includes our ambition to achieve full university status, which persists.”

Four strategies for achieving these goals

Four strategies are linked to the new goals:

  • Digitalisation
  • Continually developing distinctive education and research
  • Environments for learning
  • Together and in collaboration

“These strategies will help us to achieve the goals and, in the long run, support our university’s vision. In this context, we can probably say that thanks to the pandemic, we have gotten off to a flying start when it comes work concerning digitalisation. Important going forward will, of course, be the balance between campus and distance education in the new normal. I am convinced that all of our strategies will generate exciting work here at the university in the future.

It was on 9 December 2020 that the Governing Board of the University of Borås made a formal decision on the new document “Goals and strategies for the University of Borås 2021–2025.” These goals will be in effect beginning with the financial year 2021.

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