They gather together expertise in digitalisation

This is a translation of an article from 2020-11-17

What is happening during the autumn at your centre?

A lot of things have happened lately. Among other things, we have had a partnership with AI Sweden since 1 September, which is supported by the Swedish government, business and industry, and the public sector throughout the country. Through the partnership, we can create new contacts with organisations within an important subject, contacts that are of interest for the university. We also have other collaborations and activities underway with organisations such as Drive Sweden, itSMF, and SAFER. An example is our nomination of this year's best academic paper in the IT field together with itSMF. The winner will be announced in the spring of 2021.

Another item of interest is that we now have access to a physical space at workplace environs Lindholmen Science Park that all employees at the university can use.

What is the long-term vision of this new centre?

We want to promote research and education in the area of digitalisation and the university's core areas. As part of that, we have worked with research applications, new courses, and created a pool of possible guest lecturers in the IT area.

What is the major societal challenge you are working on right now?

Digitalisation represents a transformative change in society's most important dimensions: growth and sustainability, welfare, equality, security, and democracy. This means both opportunities and risks. That is why we develop and provide knowledge for students, research groups, individual researchers, and not least practitioners active in business and public settings.

Are there any special projects underway that you would like to tell us about?

We are part of the CLOSER platform, which is coordinated from Lindholmen Science Park, where we work with digitalised and connected logistics.

We have also participated in several applications during the spring and we have an ongoing discussion with the City of Gothenburg and Rise which aims to apply for money for a major project regarding digitalisation and AI-based decision support in the society development process.

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