Delayed start date for employment planning in Retendo

(The Swedish article was published 29th June.)

The plan was that all employment planning for 2022 would take place in Retendo. This is no longer possible due to the fact that other ongoing university-wide projects are affecting this work.

“In this project, we are working to implement a new system, and even if our focus is not on how, or by whom, Retendo is to be used, this does affect implementation. To move forward, we need clearer answers to questions about who/what functions/which people are to conduct employment planning in Retendo and how they want to use Retendo when it comes to ensuring a work approach that is firmly grounded in trust and respect. The work with the projects around the new management structure and ensuring such a work approach needs to have progressed further before this implementation can take place,” explained Pro-Vice-Chancellor Kim Bolton, Project Leader for Retendo’s implementation.

The new start date for employment planning in Retendo will be determined by the steering group after further discussions with new Heads of Department and Assistant Heads of Department as well as university employees with other roles (for example, Programme Coordinators).

Facts: Retendo is a tool for planning and following up the work of teachers and researchers. Employment planning in itself is a process performed by managers. The new Retendo system is used by 18 other universities.

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