Personal start page is starting to take shape

The employee website will remain as is; the existing structure and its content will not change. What will be added is that you as an employee will be able to log in to get targeted information on the employee website's start page.

The purpose of the personal start page is to make it easier for you to quickly get information aimed specifically at you and to give you a natural starting point for your work. One step in making it easier for employees to access the information on the employee website is for everyone get a personal start page, as standard, in the browser.

If you are not logged in to the personal start page, the start page on the employee website will, just like today, show employee news articles and the employee calendar, and the like. Once you have logged in, a number of new functions will open up that can be targeted and adapted specifically for you based on your role, tasks, organisational affiliation, and interests.

The launch of the personal start page is expected to take place around the end of the year 2021/2022.

Functions in logged in mode

Here are some examples of functions that will be available on the personal start page when you have logged in.

News articles

In the news feed, you will automatically receive university-wide employee news articles as well as employee news articles for your department.

You will also be able to adapt things so that you can take part in, for example, external news articles, the University Library's news articles, or news articles for employees at the Faculty/Department you work for (if you are also employed by another department).


In the messages area, there will primarily be direct information from your manager (or another manager higher up). The idea is that these messages will reduce the amount of email and allow for current information to be gathered in one place. Perhaps your manager has previously sent a weekly email to the entire department? Now the message area on the website will be the natural home for that information.

There will also be university-wide and department-wide announcements to all employees.

Operations Information

Current operations information will be expanded and brief information about upcoming or emergency operational disruptions in systems and premises will be gathered. This can be information about upcoming maintenance of a certain system or information about the garage being swept.

My tools

You will be able to create a list of links to the tools/systems you use most often.

My colleagues

Here you will be able to add the colleagues for whom you want to quickly find contact information to a separate list.

My favourites

You will be able to create a favourites list by selecting specific webpages on Here, for example, you will have the opportunity to create links to pages you visit often or a news article you want to remember to read later.

More information

Read more about the personal start page and see the FAQ

If you have any questions, please contact

Employee news article (April 2021): Personalised employee website entry introduced