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At the University of Borås, there are currently two different learning platforms:

  1. Canvas – the new learning platform that is being implemented at the university
  2. PING PONG – the old learning platform that is gradually being phased out

The vast majority of courses have already been transferred to Canvas. In the spring term of 2022, the majority of courses, with the exception of a few, will use Canvas.

During this autumn, however, you may have some courses in Canvas and others in PING PONG. It is your course coordinator who informs you which learning platform is used for each course.

Get started using Canvas

A tip for getting started using Canvas is to look at the course area called Canvas for students. There you will find tips on how to get started using the learning platform and how to, for example, add a profile picture of yourself.

The easiest way to find Canvas for students is to log in to Canvas and then enter the link https://hb.instructure.com/enroll/NTGFHA

Then choose to register for the course and you will receive the course card in your overview. You can also download and use the Canvas Student app (note that the app has certain limitations compared to when you use the learning platform via a web browser).

Facts: The implementation of the new learning platform Canvas has been ongoing since October 2020. The old learning platform PING PONG will be completely phased out on 30 September 2022.

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