What is missing when it comes to English translations at the university?

The purpose of the review is to systematically and proactively identify which texts need to be translated into, or updated in, English.

“It is important that managers take responsibility for identifying translation needs together with their departments. This is also an opportunity for individual employees to let us know about what information in English they are lacking,” said Eva Medin, Coordinator for English Translations at the University of Borås. She is responsible for the review that is now being carried out.

“I invite you to inform me about whatever you think needs to be available in English to create a good study environment for students and a good work environment for employees. It is important to note that not everything can be translated immediately, however, but all tips are welcome,” she explained. 

The departments or individuals who are responsible for the texts about which requests for translation are received will be contacted before the texts are translated. Most texts can be translated free of charge, but the relevant department will receive information about any possible costs before the work begins*.

The last time a systematic review of the need for English translations at the university was done was in 2016–2017, and now it has been decided that such a review will be carried out every four years. This review is also linked to award HR Excellence in Research that the University of Borås received in the spring.

Here’s what to do

Send an email to Eva Medin with information about what you think should be translated into, or updated in, English. It could be a document, a photo of a sign, or a link to a webpage. You can also let her know what kinds of information you are missing in English.

Get in touch with Eva Medin no later than 25 October. Contact information for Eva Medin.

Facts: The goal of translation work at the university in general is to promote communication as well as an inclusive and international environment at the University of Borås. The Communications Office, which is responsible for translation, works to ensure that there are common processes at the university that can ensure the quality, availability, and consistency of translations in accordance with our English language guidelines.

* See the website about translation for general information on what is translated free of charge.

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