Kathleen Galvin is named new honorary doctor: "International pioneer"

Kathleen Galvin

During the years 2013–2020, Kathleen Galvin was a Visiting Professor at the University of Borås; she still has several collaborations with researchers here. She said she was a bit taken aback when she received an unexpected telephone call from Borås

“It was a lovely surprise on a dark January day. I thought it was a call to discuss a paper or research project or something like that, so it came as a very positive kind of shock. I felt humbled and very honoured and exceptionally privileged. I am accepting the very generous award in sincere gratitude, I am so proud to be part of the University of Borås community.”

Kathleen Galvin said she is looking forward to the Academic Ceremony on 22 April, when she will be awarded an honorary doctorate.
“I would not miss the Ceremony for the world. I am very intrigued by Swedish academic tradition and its history and insignia. It is a lovely heritage and I am exceptionally honoured to be able to participate. ”  

International pioneer

Annelie Sundler, Professor of Caring Science at the University of Borås, and leader of the research area the Human Perspective in Care, describes Kathleen Galvin as a pioneer with great international importance for the field of Caring Science.

"Kathleen Galvin left a significant impression during her time here and has been very important to us. Appointing her as honorary doctor is our way of honouring her. And it is also an honour for us that she has accepted," said Annelie Sundler.

During her time at the University of Borås, Kathleen Galvin contributed to strengthening Caring Science research, the doctoral education programme, the international network, and collaboration among researchers. She has been involved in research projects, seminars, and as a lecturer in nursing education, where she has inspired learning and development for researchers, teachers, and students. She has also been an asset for the doctoral education programme and a much-appreciated support for doctoral students, both an inspiration and a source of knowledge.

Professor Galvin has researched and published extensively in areas ranging from clinical nursing, dignity and well-being, patient experiences, public participation and involvement in research, to name a few areas.

Leader of EU projects for the dignified care of older people

As Project Leader for EU project MSCA ITN INNOVATEDIGNITY, Kathleen Galvin has involved the University of Borås and a large number of researchers and doctoral students in international exchanges and collaboration for a future sustainable dignified care of older people.

What does it mean that Caring Science and the research area the Human Perspective in Care at the University of Borås has appointed its first honorary doctor?

"It is a way to continue to strengthen and develop Caring Science research. It highlights important aspects of healthcare, with its many human encounters and the challenges they entail.  We are looking forward celebrating Kathleen Galvin when she comes to the Academic Ceremony this spring; it will be a lovely occasion” said Annelie Sundler.

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