Article copies will be delivered digitally

During the spring semester, the library has implemented a new system for ordering and managing articles not found in the library's collections – known as interlibrary loans. The new system enables delivery via email, and since the order is being processed automatically the delivery also takes less time than before.

Accurate information – faster delivery

When placing your order for an article, it's important to ensure that the information about the article, such as author, title, journal it's published in, etc., is as accurate as possible. This will result in faster delivery of your article.

The majority of article requests made by staff and students at the university will be handled through the new system. In rare cases, however, the system may be unable to deliver the requested article. In these cases, orders will be handled as before, and delivery will be made via internal mail or letter.

No fees for students with the new system

So far, students have paid a small fee for ordered articles. As long as the articles can be delivered through the new system, this fee will not be charged. However, if the ordered article cannot be delivered in the new way, a charge may apply. In these cases, the library will contact the student before proceeding with the order.

If you have any questions about ordering articles, please feel free to contact

Further reading

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