Research Education Committees

The Research and Education Board has delegated the majority of its operational decisions for doctoral education to the Research Education Committees.

The area "Textiles and Fashion" consists partly of a scientific sub-field and partly of an artistic sub-field. The artistic sub-area falls under the board of Artistic Research and Education Board while the scientific sub-area falls under the Research and Education Board. 

Each committee must consist of at least three members, at least at the level of Docent/Associate Professor, together with two student representatives. For each area, a Director of Studies for the doctoral education programme must be appointed. The Director of Studies and Dean of Faculty are parts of the committee. 

For detailed information about organisational structure, decision-making process, delegation process and committees, see the documents below:

Organizational procedure and decision-making procedure for the university's Research Education Committees (PDF)

The Research Education Committee are as follows:

  • Library and Information Science
  • The Human Perspective in Care
  • Resource Recovery
  • Textile Technology
  • Textile Management