Frequently asked questions

What is commissioned education?

Commissioned education is a theoretical higher education offered and performed by universities and university colleges of Sweden. It is not vocational training in a company. 

Is there any difference between commissioned higher education and contract training?

Both these expressions are frequently used when talking about developing the employees'   skills by a higher education that is ordered and paid by the employer. In different countries one of these expressions is more common than the other.

Who can order a commissioned education from the University of Borås?

A private company, organisation, municipal or state government can buy commissioned education for their employees.  

A municipal or state government within the European  Economic Area (EEA) may also buy commissioned education due to reasons pertaining to the labour market or to development assistance policy. A university under the government may order commissioned education from Swedish universities for educating their students. Companies, municipal and state government outside the EEA may also buy commissioned education from us.

Can I buy a commissioned education as a private person?

No, it is only an employer who can order and pay for it.

If you want to apply for admission as a student you can find more information here, for prospective students.

Who can participate in a commissioned education ?

The employer decides who in their group of staff will participate in the commissioned education. The education has to be important for the employees work for the company.

What will the course comprise?

We can offer both courses from our regular range of courses and courses/programmes that are designed especially for your company. The main part of our courses are taught in Swedish. Some of them are taught in English.

Where will the education take place?

Where the education will take place has to be negotiated between the company/buyer of the education and the University College of Boras. If in Sweden there is for some countries a need for visa for the participants. It can also be possible for our teachers to come to your company and give the course on site.  

Are there special conditions for commissioned education?

The government decides the conditions in general. Some of the ordinances of great importance for this kind of education are The Fee Ordinance and the Ordinance on Contract Training at Institutions of Higher Education. There are also regulations issued by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

Writing an agreement (contract)?

The Parties (the Buyer and the University) negotiate about the conditions for the specific course, i.e. the content, form and cost of a commissioned education (training program). Then an agreement (contract) is drawn up confirmed in writing and signed by both parties.
(This is required by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.)