Commissioned education 

If your company or organisation is planning to develop your employees' skills, the University of Boras can be your partner in education, by providing commissioned education.

The University of Boras offers commissioned higher education on the international market for companies, organisations, state universities and public authorities (individuals may not, according to Swedish law, buy commissioned education). In some countries the expression contract training is more frequently used than commissioned education.

Higher education for professionals can range from shorter seminars to full degree programmes. Thus, the commissioned education can be either an already existing course or program, or it can be a specially designed course comprising the specialized education your employees need.

We constantly strive to be at the forefront of research and education. To ensure the highest quality, the regulations stipulate that Swedish institutions for higher education may only provide commissioned education (contract training) in the fields for which the institution is authorized to hold examinations.

The main fields for University of Boras are: textile and design, librarian & information sciences, health care, environmental and sustainable engineering, teaching and social works and business administration and informatics.

The Swedish government acknowledges commissioned higher education as an important tool for increased international mobility leading to cooperation between universities, companies and public authorities.

Swedish higher education excels at advanced research and applied sciences - precisely the skills that knowledge-based companies and organisations require.