Science Park Borås

Science Park Borås is located in the textile hub the Textile Fashion Center. The skills and resources available here provide opportunities to realize ideas as well as develop and generate new, marketable innovations, products, and services. It brings together academia, industry, and other parts of society.

Our integrated environment has frequently been an important starting point for research projects, especially those with an environmental focus. As a result, the Swedish government has given the University of Borås the responsibility of establishing a national platform for sustainable fashion and textiles.

Science Park Borås is currently a collaborator in several EU projects and is an active partner in the work on developing applications linked to the EU Green Deal. Science Park Borås has played an important role in the COVID-19 pandemic as several projects that have developed equipment for healthcare have relied on resources at Science Park Borås, such as its machines, equipment, personnel, and networks – not least through the innovation environment DO-tank Center.

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Textile & Fashion 2030

The Swedish government has given the University of Borås the task of establishing and leading Textile & Fashion 2030 – the National Platform for Sustainable Fashion and Textiles.  The textile and fashion industry is one of the world's most resource-intensive and polluting sectors and its impact on the 2030 Agenda goals is significant in all parts of the value chain. Breaking this negative trend requires a systemic change. This platform promotes collaboration between actors in the textile value chain and facilitates education, research, and innovation, as well as supporting new, sustainable business models.