Beer Brewing and Fermentation 5 hp

Spring 2024
Part-time 17%, Mixed times
No obligatory attendance

Summer 2024
Part-time 33%, Mixed times
No obligatory attendance

In this course, we will look into the modern beer production process, from raw material to the finished beer. To understand the subject, the course starts with a general introduction to fermentation, why fermentation happens, what happens, and how to provide the right conditions for it to happen. The course then continues with the beer production process, starting with the raw materials and how they change during each step of the process.

Moreover, how the raw material will influence, and be influenced by, the yeast responsible for producing the taste and alcohol will be presented. The environmental impact of beer production and how the waste can be treated will also be discussed. After finishing the course, you should be able to brew your own beer.

The course is given in English.

All material is available through the university’s digital learning platform, Canvas, which will be accessible when the course starts. All lectures are pre-recorded and the exams are multiple choice questions (taking questions from a database) so there is no real schedule for the course as there are no real planned meetings. Recommended literature is available in digital form via the university’s webpage with detailed instructions given in the Canvas.