Textile Overview - Knitting Technology 3 hp

Spring 2024
Part-time 10%, Mixed times
No obligatory attendance

Summer 2024
Part-time 17%, Mixed times
No obligatory attendance

Autumn 2024
Part-time 10%, Mixed times
No obligatory attendance

You will learn about the knitting structures and the knitting mechanisms on the machines such as flatbed knitting and circular knitting. Many knit constructions are selected and demonstrated during lectures to clarify the structures and their influence on the fabric properties. The course focuses on the theories, however, lab videos and animations are included to help getting familiar with the working principles and be prepared to work in actual lab/factory environments.

This course is for:

  • You who lack a textile bachelor, but are interested in our master's program in textile technology
  • The textile industry and the public sector who see a need for basic knitting knowledge
  • You who want to learn industrial knitting (not hand knitting)
For application questions, contact the Admissions Office.
For other questions, contact, Student Reception.