Student informatics

Master Programme (One Year) in Informatics - Data-driven IT Management 60 hp

Autumn 2024
Full-time 100%, Day
No obligatory attendance

This programme targets motivated students with an Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, information technology, software engineering, or a similar subject with at least 60 credits in Informatics.

Our programme in short

This programme is focused on Data-Driven IT Management, the driving force for the IT of the future. Data-Driven IT Management aims at harvesting the business value of the enormous amount of largely unused data available to companies.

To prepare you for this exciting opportunity, the programme provides courses in Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Current Trends in Informatics, and Data-Driven Service Development.

Career opportunities

Experts in Data-Driven IT Management are in high demand and the number of available experts is still very low. This programme therefore provides excellent opportunities to get access to top-level jobs such as IT consultant, Head of IT, IT Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Developer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist and so on.

Full-time at distance

This programme is given full-time and at distance. Teaching combines lectures, tutoring and seminars live in Zoom, and other teaching materials published on our virtual learning platforms. Pre-recorded lectures might also be offered in some cases.

Dates and times for lectures and seminars are fixed. Seminars are compulsory. Attendance at lectures is highly recommended but self-study of the supplied material and relevant literature is possible.

Date and times for tutoring, individual or in groups of two, can be adapted to students’ needs within the usual business hours 9:00 to 17:00 MET and subject to the availability of the respective teacher. 

You will also read course literature, latest research papers, and work on individual written assignments and group projects. 

In English 

The programme is taught in English and you will study together with students from all over the world, though predominantly from Europe.

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