Library and Information Science

The Swedish School of Library and Information Science has Sweden's largest educational and research environment. With us, you can create new contacts and you have the opportunity to conduct some parts of your education abroad. Through broad educational programmes with close contact with research as well as practice-based teaching, you are prepared for a versatile career that balances creativity and theoretical knowledge.

As a librarian, you work with searching and organising information as well as making information accessible. Your role is to be the specialist who leads the way in today's information society. For those who want to combine communication with technical skills and creativity, we offer education as a web content manager and designer. 

Your future professional roles are, not least, about communication, collaboration, and flexibility, which require initiative, creativity, and the ability to collaborate in teams, whether you are studying to be a librarian or web content manager and designer.

For those who already have an undergraduate education, we offer further education in the form of Master's programmes and freestanding courses.

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