Baltic Fashion

Baltic Fashion

The fashion sector in the countries around the Baltic Sea has long textile traditions and the challenge is to find out how the fashion sector can grow in the future.  Sweden is represented by The Swedish School of Textiles, who will be responsible for the Innovation Network which will promote innovations in fashion.  The Swedish school of Textiles is also the contact point for the project within Sweden.  The countries involved in the project are Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Sweden


Research will be made in order to clarify the level of innovation in fashion today and find out the potential of innovative fashion in all countries involved in the project.  Researchers at The Swedish School of Textiles will identify the innovations launched recently, analyse these and coordinate the activities. The official project website will be opened during Fall 2011. Successively innovative fashion examples will be presented on the project website.  Various innovation subjects will be studied from trends to technologies. Each country within the project has a responsibility for specific subjects and will organize activities based on these.

Fashion Entrepreneurs

The specific focus will be the needs of the fashion entrepreneurs. In the end of the project, when the needs are identified there will be proposals of how to work with these needs and some results will also be tested in practice.