Pia Mouwitz

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (including The Swedish School of Textiles)
— Department of Design

Telephone: 033-435 5940

Email: pia.mouwitz@hb.se

Room number: U335

Signature: PMZ

Pia Mouwitz is a Senior Lecturer in fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås. She started in 2006 as a designer in the research project Knit on demand. The project was about demand-bound fashion design of customer controlled knitted clothes.

Varied commitments at the Swedish School of Textiles:

Project leader for the Swedish part of the EU project Baltic Fashion 2010-2013.

Research about the value of clothes started in 2013 through the project To make clothes that matter.

Representing the Swedish School of Textiles in the steering committee of Studio RE:design: 2012-2013 (project owner Region Västra Götaland).

In charge over design in a pre-study about circular flows of textile and fashion within the region, during the autumn 2014. The aim is to accomplish a practical pilot project where organizations and enterprises from the fashion industry, together with the Swedish School of Textiles, collaborate and in the end realizes the project (the Swedish School of Textiles does the pre-study on a mission from Region Västra Götaland.

Other commitments during the years:

Assisting faculty program director of the fashion programs bachelor and master. Teaching, course responsibility within, for example, collection development, collaborative creativity, and design aesthetics, combined with sustainable fashion, form and material where also colour is included. During three years, she was responsible and developing the course Basic Fashion, a preparing education for university studies within fashion design.

Pia Mouwitz has 17 years of experience from the fashion industry as designer, product manager, product developer in several different fashion companies and she was also a freelance designer with her own company.

In her work she has experience of garments for multiple target groups for example: Design of exclusive clothes as well as low price. Design for different consumers: men, women, children, teenagers, toddlers and babies. Garment types:  Leather, outdoor, sportswear, woven, knits, swimwear, headpieces and accessories. Production in the Far East, Baltic States, Europe and Sweden.

In short, Pia Mouwitz has a long practical experience from the fashion industry, education within design and pedagogy, long experience of teaching and research within the fashion area.