Ethanol production from lignocelluloses by zygomycetes

Ethanol production from lignocelluloses by zygomycetes

Some zygomycetes such as Mucor Indicus and Mucor Hiemalis produce ethanol as the main metabolite, while their biomass is a valuable product to be used e.g. as fish feed or could be further processed into superabsorbents.

This project involves investigation in:

  • the effect of morphology on growth and sugar and ethanol tolerance of Mucor Indicus.
  • a comprehensive study on different strains of zygomycetes from different genera and species in order to explore their capabilities in assimilating different lignocellulosic sugars, ethanol  productivity and yield, and their tolerance at higher temperatures for possible simultaneous saccharification and fermentation.


  • Prof. Mohammad Taherzadeh
  • Patrik Lennartsson
  • Akram Zamani Forooshani