Polymer Technology

Polymer Technology

The polymer technology study plastic materials, textile fibres and fabrics as well as composite materials. The research has an applied orientation, with the aim to find industrial applications, and several of the research projects have been done in close co-operation with companies. Some application examples are textiles and composites fort automotive, flame retardant fibres and fabrics for protective clothing, plastic materials and composites for buildings and constructions, new biomedical textile fibres as well as new packaging materials. The recycling of polymers is also investigated, for example regarding reprocessing of bioplastics and biocomposites, and the development of new techniques for material recovery of plastics. Some examples on past or present research topics are:

  • Natural fibre composites by using annual plant fibres and viscose
  • Novel textile reinforcements based on hybrid yarns made from natural fibres and bio-based polymers
  • Melt extrusion of hydroxyapatite compounded polylactic acid for biomedical fibres for use as textile scaffolds
  • Electrically conductive polymer fibres made by melt extrusion and chemical vapour depositions for use in smart textiles
  • Flame retardant polymer fibres made by melt extrusion for protective clothing and automotive interiors.
  • Material and chemical recycling of composites, plastics and textiles
  • Synthesis of bio-based thermoset from glycerol, lactic acid and plant oils


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