Maria Claesson

Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare
— Department of Caring Science

Telephone: 033-435 4704


Room number: D703A

Signature: MRCL

I defended my dissertation in February 2023 with the thesis Registered nurses’ leadership of the care to older persons in community home care - Leading in a space between closeness and distance. The dissertation illuminates the Registered nurse's leadership from a caring science perspective. I am a registered nurse with a specialist education in anesthesia care and with a specialist education to a district nurse. My professional work life as a registered nurse is based on experiences from emergency care, home healthcare, school healthcare, and primary healthcare among other things.

My employment at the University of Borås began in 2016. Currently, I work as a university lecturer at the undergraduate and graduate levels within the Nursing program and as a clinical lecturer affiliated at a Clinical hospital Education Unit.

My research is in the area, the Human Perspective in Care, in the subject Caring Science. I am a part of a research group focusing on existential questions related to health, illness, and suffering and on how care with a focus on existential dimensions can contribute to health and well-being despite illness and suffering. The research group's work is based on a lifeworld-oriented perspective and lifeworld research.