Health and caring in older people’s care

Health and caring in older people’s care

The proportion of older people is increasing nationally and globally while people of working age who can provide health care are decreasing in number. Many elderly people have good health, live a good life, and are an asset to society. But there are also those who are in need of care; this presents a challenge to the welfare system, which is the basis of our research on the elderly.

Our research on the elderly focuses on older people and the factors that are important for them. Therefore, relatives, care management and organisation, health and social care professionals, and health students are included in research that takes place where care for the elderly itself takes place: for example, in home health care, hospitals, or primary care centres.

The research group has several projects underway in cooperation with municipalities, R&D Sjuhärad Välfärd, and universities in Sweden and internationally. Some examples of projects are on older people's genes and lifestyle and empowering conversations with the elderly and their families. We also research the home environment of the elderly, the care chain, multi-morbidity, urinary incontinence, chronic heart failure, dementia, managerial decision making, nurses' work, Mollii Elektrodress assistive device, telephone advice-giving, relatives of dementia patients, and the successful implementation of quality registries.


Our research aims to increase knowledge about the elderly, in and outside of health care, thus contributing to safe, secure, and dignified aging. The research also takes into account social, environmental, and economic sustainable development in order to contribute to a sustainable society with sustainable welfare services.


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