Reed Curtis

Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT (including The Swedish School of Library and Information Science)
— Department of Educational Work

Telephone: 033-435 5978


Room number: B628

Signature: RECU

I am a senior lecturer in educational work focusing on higher education. Previously, I served as an academic advisor and lecturer at the University of North Carolina Wilmington before moving to Sweden to earn my PhD in education at Stockholm University. At Stockholm University, I was active within their university academic development work. I continue doing so here at the University of Borås where I coordinate and teach our academic development coursework offered in English.

My research has been interdisciplinary with influences from the fields of education, sociology, psychology, history, and political science. In May 2020, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation in which I explored the educational trajectories of a group of students entering Swedish higher education. This research involved reviewing and describing Swedish sociocultural history, self-efficacy beliefs, and student transitions that ultimately led to the creation of the concept of the folk-market and the development of folk-market theory. For more information and to access a copy of my doctoral dissertation:


Project manager for the grant: Responsibility for knowledge—to develop a student role

Doctoral thesis title

Without mast, without sails, without compass: Non-traditional trajectories into higher education and the duality of the folk-market (Completed 2020, Stockholm University)