Hupp – Higher Education, Politics and Profession

Hupp – Higher Education, Politics and Profession

Hupp's members take part in and are involved in an overall programme of seminars, discussions, and collaborations, as well as in specific writing projects, project applications and invited guests who highlight more in-depth themes. Before each meeting, an invitation is sent to members, including an agenda and material for discussion.

The content of the annual activities is decided together. The themes for 2023 will highlight:

  • the changing mission and professions of higher education
  • gender and equality in higher education
  • marketing and digitalization of higher education
  • the content of the teaching profession

Hupp is strongly associated with the activities of the research school SPETS (Studies in Professional Education and Training for Society) and the international Journal of Praxis in Higher Education (JPHE). Hupp also collaborates with other subject representatives and research groups at the University of Borås, such as the SOLWE research group, as well as representatives from Caring Science, Library and Information Science, and Police Work. In addition, Hupp also has an extensive national network.

The goal for Hupp is for the group to develop into a strong and interesting research environment for a growing group of researchers/teachers/doctoral students. The group will also jointly and regularly apply for external funding, continuously publish research both nationally and internationally, collaborate with new and previously established research environments, and develop new spaces for meetings and projects. Several members of the group are also active in the new environment "Vocational and Professional Training in Welfare."

Journal of Praxis in Higher Education

This is the university's first pedagogical journal, with a theme that, nationally and internationally, links to educational work, higher education issues, teacher education, and the teaching profession, but also to critical higher education research. The journal has a strong international research tradition as well as internationally renowned researchers through our Editorial Board and our network of senior reviewers.

Editorial Team

  • Editor-in-Chief: Petra Angervall
  • Senior Editors: Kathleen Mahon, Kalypso Filippo, Johanna Mellén, Zach Taylor, David Hoffman, Sara Kh Soltani, Laura Louise Sarauw, Trine Fossland, Valgerður S Bjarnadóttir, Chelseaia Charran, Zach W Taylor, Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi, Martina Lazarevska and Aurora Newkirk.
  • Guest Editor: Bruce Macfarlane
  • Assistant Editors: Reghan Borer

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