Travel-free meetings

Reduce work travel – for the climate

The university strives to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. One goal in this work is to reduce work travel in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. One way is to choose travel-free meetings.


The university uses Zoom, which enables remote meetings and distance learning over the Internet.

Read more about Zoom (page in Swedish but links there are to English tutorial pages)

  • To contribute to reduced work travel, you as an employee should consider the following points:
  • Investigate whether the meeting can be conducted via video link, telephone, or in the form of a web meeting.
  • When arranging a meeting, suggest that the meeting party hold the meeting using the tools provided by the university.
  • If the other party invites you to a meeting, ask for the opportunity to participate digitally.

The tool that the university currently provides is Zoom, which is adapted for digital meetings via the web, distance learning, or for meeting other people virtually (over the Internet), with the ability to share both video, audio, and presentations.

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Travel-Free Meetings for Swedish Government Agencies

REMM (Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies) – Travel-Free Meetings for Swedish Government Agencies is a project run by the Swedish Transport Administration, which will coordinate the work of a number of government agencies selected by the government, of which the University of Borås is one of these. The goal is to increase and develop the use of travel-free meetings within and between the authorities.

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